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Voices from the IDF – Aviv Rosenman

Published on 01/30/2021


“You have terrorists that use their citizens as human shields, hide in hospitals, hide in kindergartens and walk around holding babies so that we won’t shoot at them; and you accuse us of war crimes?”

Within 90 days, the International Criminal Court will open an investigation against Israel and the IDF on war crimes.
We all served in the IDF. We all fought. We all know who really committed war crimes.

Watch Aviv Rosenman, an intelligence officer of a combat engineering battalion, share his experience from operation Protective Edge.

Aviv Rosenman

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Reservists on Duty is a non-profit organization established by IDF veterans who felt a duty to expose and counter the BDS movement and new forms of anti-Semitism erupting on US college campuses.
We bring IDF veterans to US campuses to directly challenge BDS and its industry of lies.
Through our programs, we train college students and IDF reservists
to speak with knowledge and confidence on behalf of Israel.

Together, we can  beat the lies.