Shillman Fellows

Shillman Fellows

The Shillman Fellows is a comprehensive training program for college students and IDF reservists which provides in depth knowledge of the reality in Israel as well as the tools for combatting BDS on US campuses. At a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise and hate organizations are defaming Israel on every possible stage, there is a huge need for strong and knowledgeable activists to challenge and refute the lies. These students comprise the core of our activists who go onto challenge BDS directly on US campuses.

Our Flagship Program
The Yearlong Training Program Includes:
  • Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders, politicians, journalists, and military personnel Practice sessions for speaking in front of an audience and mock debates
  • Enrichment tours in strategic areas (Hebron, the Gaza border etc)
  • Exposure to new strategies for challenging BDS

"We spoke with hundreds of people and answered even more questions about us, the army, Israel and the conflict. We stood strong against lies that people had heard about Israel, invited them to dialogue, and represented and presented our best of our beloved country with a personal story and facts."

Tamar Kolumbus
Shillman Fellows Alumni

"The Shillman Fellows gave me the chance to personally make a difference in the lives of Jewish and Pro Israeli students suffering from abuse at the hands of BDS groups on American campuses."

Kayla Dolin
Shillman Fellows Alumni

"I came back home with a certain sadness from what I had seen but also with renewed hope. If any of those students go home and do some research, or question the claims on an “Israel Apartheid Wall” next time they see it on campus, then we have succeeded."

Shir Cohen
Shillman Fellows Alumni

Together, we can  beat the lies.