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Training the diplomats of tomorrow

The Shillman Fellows program trains students around the country to speak knowledgeably and confidently about Israel. In the comprehensive training program, students acquire a multitude of tools for engaging in the diplomatic arena and even travel abroad to represent Israel.

Learn how to represent Israel abroad

The Shillman Fellows program is the flagship project of Reservists on Duty that constitutes the comprehensive training program for the organization’s activists. The purpose of the training program is to instill significant and in-depth knowledge in every aspect regarding the reality in Israel, both as it is today and from a historical perspective. In addition to the extensive content, you will also learn in the Shillman Fellows program about the key players in the intricate foreign relations sphere, particularly about the boycott organizations that are leading the de-legitimization campaign against Israel. The Shillman Fellows program enables you to acquire tools to act in the diplomatic field and to cope with anti-Israel activists on campuses in order to combat the lies that are being spread about the State of Israel.

This group of activists is the core of our organization.

The Shillman Fellows program operates at six different universities throughout Israel.

What does our training include?

Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders, journalists, military personnel, politicians and leading intellectuals.

Practical workshops in public speaking, giving lectures, debating, editing videos and more.

Learning about new strategies for changing the discourse regarding Israel.

Enrichment trips to strategic areas (Hebron, the Gaza border, etc.)

What our alumni say:

Kayla Dolin

Shillman Fellows Alumni

“The Shillman Fellows program has given me the opportunity to personally influence the lives of Jewish and pro-Israel students who are being harassed by BDS groups operating on American campuses.”


Leor Bialy

Shillman Fellows Alumni

“The Shillman Fellows program has given us a platform for defending Israel using our experiences from the IDF. Students on today’s campuses are not interested in facts—stories are what resonates with them. It’s amazing to see the change in their perspectives as soon as they hear our stories.”


Daniel Hochman

Shillman Fellows Alumni

“Sitting in Israel and watching how Israel’s name continues to be slandered around the world doesn’t feel good, especially when I know that I can help. I know that I can make a difference and that the Shillman Fellows program can give me the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialog and help others learn the truth about Israel.”


Registration for the Shillman Fellows program is now closed

Together, we can  beat the lies.