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One of the false allegations that is constantly repeated by anti-Israel activists is in regard to Israel's treatment of non-Jews and claims that it is an apartheid state. At the beginning of 2022, Amnesty published a report that accuses Israel of being an apartheid state. These allegations highlight the pressing need for the voices of (non-Jewish) minority groups who support Israel to come and tell the truth about Israel and about life alongside Israeli Jews in Israel as a Jewish and democratic state; to speak the truth and refute the false claim of apartheid.

The Minorities Group

The Minorities Program is designed to strengthen, promote and provide a platform for Israeli Arabs who support Israel and Zionism; for those who see Israel as their home and their country and feel a duty and a responsibility to defend the State of Israel around the world. The program includes 10 months of training that includes workshops, tours, and lectures. These are designed to provide various tools for field diplomacy and activism. After the training, the graduates take part in a myriad of activities and join delegations to the US and Europe.

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