Defending Freedom
From Hate

Through our programs, we train college students and IDF reservists
to speak with knowledge and confidence on behalf of Israel.

Today, there are many organizations that engage in Hasbara, or public relations, on behalf of Israel.
Reservists on Duty believes in a more assertive and proactive approach to directly confront BDS and organizations that defame Israel and the IDF.

Reservists on Duty challenges BDS head on – whether during Apartheid Week or any other anti-Israel events we work in collaboration with local student groups to tell the truth and challenge the lies spread about Israel.

Why Fight BDS?

The BDS movement has found a new home across North American and European campuses, preying upon uninformed students and spreading outright lies about Israel and the IDF.

BDS activists have become bold and overly aggressive in this domain: holding loud anti-Israel demonstrations, interrupting Israeli speakers invited to talk on campuses, and even bullying Jewish students.

Unopposed, the BDS movement will continue to spread misinformation about Israel to college students poised to become the future leaders of the US and European countries and contribute to the spread of anti-Semitism worldwide.

Together, we can  beat the lies.